This Has Always Bugged Me...

I have always been bothered that people don't believe a person is bi unless they have had a homosexual experience. I knew I was bi way before I had sex with a girl, or even a boy for that matter. I am attracted to both sexes therefore I am bisexual. I love a person for what is between his or her ears, not what is between his or her legs.
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5 Responses Mar 4, 2010

i feel you mami, i to struggle with that,,,, i love people its never been about the sex,just the person... i am mairred know, i had to fine out the hard way. but life is what you make of it... its good to fine out who you are,cuz if you dont know,how will anybody elas know...

I always agreed too. If you have never had sex, but you are straight then you can say your straight and everyone will believe you. You don't have to have sex to know you like the opposite sex, yet people think you have to have sex with the same gender to really be bi or even lesbian/gay.

Thank you for reading my post. It feels good to know I'm not the only one who feels this way, and yes what is found between the legs is fun.

was it fun having sex with a girl

When people as me how I know I'm bisexual when I've never been with a guy, I say, "The same way you knew you were straight before you went out with the opposite sex..." That usually makes them stop and think.