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You true bi's out there are probably shaking your heads, but its true - I want to have my first girl on girl experience but have never had the cahongas to actually do it.  I don't know how to tell if a woman is coming on to me or just being friendly.  It has to be wildly different from a man's advances right?  How do I go about chatting up a girl I see without her yelling 'FREAK!' and throwing a drink on me?  I just don't know.  Any help?

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A small piece of advice: if another girl approaches you, imagine it is a man. If the words, gestures, looks etc suggest that "he" is interested in you, then the same applies for the girl. Just answer in kind and the relation will develop naturally, you will know when to stop and when to go further.

I do love OK Cupid,( I haven't actually met anyone in person yet from there, I live in a very small town) But I hope to! And the conversations have been most helpful!

That's actually pretty good advice. I'm not going to tell you who I am, but I'm on OkCupid!!! I joined just a couple of months ago. I've been talking to someone. I've sent plenty of messages that have been ignored, and I've ignored quite a few efforts myself. This thing is active and awesome and creative. :) And free!

Likingforthirds advice may become fruitfull.Your thinking is proper in its place,because its very difficult to find out a womans flirting with another woman.So sorry for you and wish a nice flirting woman in your life.

Check out the OK cupid's a great place to get a conversation started. Look for "just friends" but list yourself as bi. That way you may or may not find a girlfriend, but you will at least find some women near you to share experiences & feelings with!

Don't call us "true bi's" - If you are bisexual, you are a "true bi," too. :P<br />
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You should flirt. If you are just waiting for a woman to hit on you, think about it - she might be doing the same! Now, it's true that there are way more straight people in the world, so you'll get plenty of rejections, but every once in a while, you'll find a gem... And imagine, one day finding a diamond in the rough, finding someone you actually like that likes you back, too - one day finding a girlfriend. :) Anyways, we are getting ahead of ourselves... A woman's advances don't have to be wildly different from a man's. They can be or cannot be... You just have to learn. You have to learn to sense these things. I suppose it will come when your efforts are finally fruitful and something happens and you think back to how you got there. And no, a woman should not yell "FREAK!"... You are human, after all. Just, if you hot on a girl, don't be a jerk, you know? That's all. No one should be a jerk, and you should be allowed to flirt with whomever you want or to try it. :)