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I fall under the bi-curious category, because technically I've never touched another bloke. But I've had some frank and smutty conversations with them where we discussed how we'd probably touch each other's naughty bits if given the chance. I've also bailed on a ********* with another guy. So I'm on the road to bi, but have not earned my wings yet. I'll still think of dink if I'm in the mood for a brokeback inspired fantasy while I get my jollies on a rainy day. I see no harm in that.

My sentiments on it are that a lot of guys are curious and ashamed at the same time. I'm a guy that revels in shame because I can appreciate how it can be a great source of hilarity. But the truth behind the sadness is that guys are trying to hold back this secret curiousity because they're afraid it's going to rob them of a normal life if they act on it. They're afraid of instantly becoming gay, losing any chance at a family and wife, and being forced to live an extreme idea that isn't them. So they choke back their fantasies and let them fester. There should be nothing to fear. Too bad society isn't there yet. Maybe in a generation or two people will let loose, and just be who they are without fear of reprisal.

My thoughts are that everyone is a little bi. You can have sex with either gender under the right circumstances. But whichever one you truly fall in love with should be what dictates your true identity, not who you sleep with. Labels like gay, straight and bi should be modified. Sex is recreation, love is who you are.

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