This Is A Bit Complex...

Ok, I've been laying bare my soul on here since I joined, so why stop now? I'm a transsexual person, and was born a genetic male. Before I realized there was something not quite right in my life, I got beat up a lot at school, and always felt out of place. I saw what happened to anyone that was different, so I kept all my feelings inside, and after I graduated from high school, I tried to just be 'normal'. I had a girlfriend, she left me, and so I started dating another, and she got pregnant. I thought the correct thing to do at this point was get married, so we did, and everything unravelled in less than a year. It was an ugly divorce, and my son was unfortunately in he middle. Long story short, I realized that I was also attracted to men. It also became increasingly apparent that I was not a typical male. My libido was a bit low, and I was a gushing romantic. I wore androgynous clothes and had long hair, still I tried to fit in, but it was a losing battle. 

My female mind was struggling to get out, and I began expressing myself in more feminine terms. I saw a Doctor and he diagnosed me as Gender Dysphoric. After this I had a boyfriend, and it was all very romantic, but he left me and married another girl, and I began hanging out in alt bars and the Village in Toronto. I was a regular Rainbow child, and a bit of an activist, and I had several boyfriends over the next few years, but nothing too serious. So, to sum this up before it turns into another life story, although I prefer men and haven't been with a woman in many years, I believe I'm still bisexual, because every once in awhile I'll be very attracted to a woman I meet. I actually had a lesbian woman lust after me for a bit, and her masculinity attracted me quite a lot. Confusing, you say?

Anyway, I'm just your typical garden variety trans/bi poster child feminist LGBT activist, and you've heard this story hundreds of times.

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Hey Honey bee! I was hoping that I had made some slight impression on you enough to make you drop me a line. I felt that we could be good friends if we both kept at it. I am very, `matter of fact`, about your sexuality and all that that entails. It doesnt make me have any negative opinions that might make me not see you, the person. I know you live far away but I am do have a pretty reliable radar when it comes to people and I felt a good rapport with you and felt that I had known you before. Your past all felt as though your life was very much like mine in some good ways. I want us to be more than just once a month penfriends. Dont tell me that I have said something that you picked up on that made you think I wasnt a friend you would like. I might be wrong but I feel that you are a bit sad inside and you are not in a sociable mood but you want to be. Let me have you as my special friend a bit more special than my other friends here. I sound a bit spooky dont I, sorry, but stay in touch. i am getting a growing collection of crossdressers for some reason. I have never met a different person who is SO Differnt like these guys and I want to make them feel like I am a friend to them because I really do. I am fascinated by people who are different and proud of it. I could imagine that they must find life very awkward being a special man like they are. I make it very easy for them to feel proud of what and who they are. They are a delight and so are you. Bye for now my friend. You do remember me I hope from last night. I have the name `GLASSLEG` on here but you can call me JOE. You know why I call myself GLASSLEG? ........ Neither do I. See Ya.