My Story?

So, I am bi and have always been ever since I was a little girl. The same time that I realized that I liked boys, I realized that I liked girls. My closest friends know about this, but my family doesnt. Or at least I dont think they know. I am older and I live on my own and pay my own bills, but I refuse to come out to my family. My parents would probably accept it, but I know they would probably feel some sorta way. I know some might think I should be over this at my age, but Im not. I think that even if my parents asked me if I liked girls, Id deny it. Crazy, right?

I wish I had the courage to come out to my family because I am all for equality and gay marriage.  I have a passion for this. I want to openly volunteer for different events and causes. Actually, I plan on doing my part in this years PRIDE in NYC.



So yea...this is my story and I would love to talk to anyone and everyone :)

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4 Responses Mar 9, 2010

i totally understand where youre coming from. i feel the same way. i love being around my friends where i do feel free and if i see a pretty girl, i can say so. i know deep down my parents would love me regardless, but theres still something inside of ME that wants to keep my parents approval. i dont know. its tough.

not everyone will be happy about it. my family means everything to me, so i dont want to disappoint them

well, im not afraid for my friends and other ppl to know. its just my family. they have their beliefs and i dont want to upset them. thats all...anyone else, i could care less what they think

Doing your part at PRIDE sounds like a great idea. Have fun.