I am dating a guy right now and he is amazing, everything a boyfriend should be and weve been together almost 2 years. But tehn theres this girl Rosa. Shes really sexy, to me. Shes hispanic, and i loooove latina girls. Theyre so sexya nd stong, i love it. But anyways, the pull between us is rediculous. for some reason im soo attracted to her. Wheneve im in class, i find myself just looking at her and thinking about what it would be like to be with her. I really like how shes all into soccer and her parents are divorced but shes so strong about it. I dont know what to do. I cant stop staring at her and shes always flirting with me. grr. can someone give em any advice??

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My girlfriend told me that she was in love with another girl. It really tore me apart for the first couple of months because I felt so left out of their relationship. Eventually i was okay with it because they got me involved in what they were doing with each other, but the first few months hurt more than anything I know. I felt like I was losing my girlfriend who ive been dating almost a year now. Dont ever leave your boyfriend out if you choose to go for this girl.

I reckon get both your boyfriend and this girly together... find any social excuse... and see what chemistry they have between themselves (unless you're the jealous type of course) Who knows... you might just end up skinny dipping together after a few drinks and see what sparks fly

thanks guys for all the advice but i do think its just a little crush. i mean, ive had these things befoe. they start out really intense and then the felings go away. and i think its happening again. its not as intense as before. and im not even 100% sure shes even gay in the first place. trust me guys, that would probably be a lost cause.

dear go and grab her

well he knows im bisexual. i told him tat but i havent tld him about rosa cause well for one this could just be a little crush that im gonna get over and i dont want to risk my whole relationship for that.

Think it over. Think of every possible outcome - what would happen if you told your boyfriend. Is he one to get mad, support you, or leave you.<br />
Yes, my advice is to tell him, but for your own good. If you keep supressing these emotions then they'll come back stronger than ever.

see but the problem here is that i have a boyfriend, and our two year is coming up soon. and i still love him. im just soo attracted, i have no idea what to do.

If you try to find out if your boyfriend would love a ********* you might propose this to him, so you get the best of both, your boyfriend and this hot girl :)

i agree with aniowagirl *thumbs up*<br />
I need a girlie to love :(