Always Without Her

I have a boyfriend of almost 3 years now and he is all cool with me being bisexual...........of course, lol. But I seem to have troubles finding anyone around here who is bi or les as well, but i feel like the only one besides my one bi friend but she is really butch annnnd im not into butch kind of stuff. Its just hard, because I long to be with another chick but all of them here are preppy stuck up *******. My best luck is at concerts because last year at the rock concerts I went to I meant some awesome ladies in the womens' bathroom.

IHateAllFourOfMe IHateAllFourOfMe
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3 Responses Mar 12, 2010

I can tell you, here on EP you can find a lot of girls who will definitely get interested in you, so keep the faith...and as for you BF, who wouldn't be ok with you being bi? That's almost every men fantasy...unless of course you let him out of the fun, wich BTW wouldn't be fair, since he's so supportive!

Hmmm... I know there are bars/clubs that cater to the sexually adventurous. I'm talking about those places where people go specifically to hook up with someone of the same sex - whether they are just looking for fun or for a relationship. Try one maybe...?

Swingers are a bit older than you but are as bi as bi can be. Try