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after many months of wondering and years of suppressing my emotions i have finally come to accept the fact i am bisexual! i know my friends and family will accept it and i don't fear telling them i only fear the prejudices that come along with it, i don't want to get bullied because of it. also, if the church were to find out i would never be allowed to be captain of my company never-mind national president of girls' brigade Scotland (a big goal but i like to aim high) this leaves me wondering should i 'come out' or keep it hidden?

i can accept being bisexual even though i don't want to be but i cant help the way i feel. its wrong, the bible says i shouldn't be .... but i still am.

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thanks very much haremchic you have been of much help. God forgives i'll 'come out' when im ready i dotn want to keep it a secret. thank you

Dear sexual minority sister,<br />
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I am asexual (or ace as known in the LGBTA community) and am also at odds with myself as I believe my friends will not understand it. My family is fine with it but many people out there including my friends view sex as necessary as food and would never understand my orientation. There is nothing wrong with you. Many people are bisexual including two of my best friends who coincidentally, are also Christians and come from very conservative families who would disown them which makes it even more difficult for them. In order to get your desired position of Captain you can keep your orientation private (I keep mine private) but do not feel that your orientation is at odds with Christianity. The spirit of Christianity is acceptance and understanding " ...Jew or Greek, male or female you are but one in Christ..." I would add "gay,straight, bi or ace" to the quote too lol because that is the essence of it. Disparaging views towards sexual minorities does not come from the teachings of Christ but from the patriachy of the ecclestical hegemony and exclusionist views of the Hebrew Bible. If the Almighty wanted us all to be the same orientation, color, height, etc he would have made us so. In this temporary life, we are here for a purpose that only we can accomplish and sometimes our 'oddities' (i.e. our non mainstream orientation or disability) helps bring out something in us that otherwise wouldn't be present and help us see the world from a different perspective. For example straight people have it the easiest when it comes to procreation, us aces can look at the world from a neutral point of view not distracted by physical attraction and you bi-s have the best gift of all, the gift of understanding both genders from a male and female point of view. Please do not think of yourself as lesser Christian due to it, in some ways you are even more of one. God knows best. Peace out :-)