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I can't help it & I'm not embarrassed by it. I havent been in a relationship w/ any other girls yet, but Im hoping to at least talk w/ some other girls on here =) Maybe learn from others ;)

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Ignore the comment , I think he was trying to be funny ( not ) . My lady friend who is 21 , is bi and I've noticed that when she is with one of her girlfriends she is very happy. This is her , she has had to many bad relationships with guys her age . Her mother wants her to stop and her father well he drinks and does not work. They believe that she is a tramp, well she just isn't . If you decide to experiment find someone your age. Please be careful, as you well know this is not a game you will have someone's heart and mind in your hands . Good luck to you I hope that you find what your looking for as I hope this was a little encouragement. I would stand by your decision if you would permit me to due so.

Cure for what?

If there are some questions you need answering you can ask me :) or if you just wanna talk. I hope you figure things out.

hey i would love to talk to in pretty much the same position :D

I'm sorry. Is there a cure for it?


So am I hun, if u would like to chat with me anytime let me know xx