A Very Twisted Homecoming..

So some would agree that on homecoming night you usually might "go home" wiht your boyfriend/girlfriend and maybe fool around with them right? Well my homecoming was kind of diffrent. I went with my best friend and her boyfriend and my boyfriend and it was really fun but we eventually left our boyfriends and i slept over at her house. When we got there we kind of just started making out and one thing led to another and we ended up having sex. It was fun but i kind of felt bad about doing it because my boyfriend ahd no idea, at that time, that i was bisexual. So it was kind of like a double **** you to him. Me and her are still best friends but we sometimes still hook up. I feel likean ***, but i cant help it. sometimes girls are just irrisistable.

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4 Responses Mar 15, 2010

You should not feel bad or guilty about it, it happened without your intention. Now you know you're bi.perhaps you might get out of your boyfriend if he'd like a ********* and if he'd like that (probably all men would like that) you might get the best of both if your girlfriend also likes this idea :)

There is nothing wrong with what you did. Sometimes we have to think of ourselves, and go with softer things!

lol yeah it is.

A similar thing happened with my friend, but it didn't get that far (probably cuz we both passed out from the alcohol after a while lol). I get what you're saying about how they're irresistable, it's also really different from the experience you get with boys, and also somehow forbidden which makes it more fun lol.