Life Has Made Me Bitter

From a very young age, I learned about abandonment and sexual abuse. I tried to kill myself at age 11 but I was not educated enough to know how. I contemplated suicide many times since then. I've survived 3 marriages and am now a widow at 61 after losing my husband to cancer 2 years ago. I've experienced a lot of loneliness since then and family members are not supportive or understanding. I was raised as a Christian but I've lost my faith in any religion at all. I feel that humans are no more than insects with highly developed brains. All the values I was taught as a child are no longer present in today's society. Sex is the only goal for the male of the species. They equate love with sex and do not have a clue what true love is. I feel that men only live to ***. That is all they desire. Women live to have babies. I look forward to the end of this crazy, beaten down, disgusting world. I hope it comes soon.
lostoneormore lostoneormore
56-60, F
2 Responses Dec 12, 2012

Sorry you feel that way. Life really can be mean hearted. Hugs to you.

your life is very different from mine. I'm happy for you.