At work, people are always bad mouthing each other.  It doesn't take long to start feeling paranoid when all you hear are negative comments being made about other people.  I was recently turned down for a promotion.  I was pregnant at the time that I applied for it, and another guy I work with has been trying to convince me that I didn't get it for that reason.  I don't like hearing those things when there is no proof to back it up. 

Guys are also always flirting with me.  Sometimes it's nice to be noticed.  But a lot of times, I just want to be left alone.  I get the impression that a lot of people jump to the conclusion that I must sleep around, which I don't, just because of the way I look.  So while I was pregnant with my husband's child, a couple of guys kept asking me who the father was.  I just laughed it off, but I really wanted to punch them.  People can be so cruel.  I have a lot of insecurities.  So it's hard for me to tell someone exactly what I think.  I try too hard to fit in sometimes, and I don't even like these people.

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I relate to cruel people. They continue to be that way til you put a stop to it

are you sure you're bitter with life? sounds like you just hate the guys at work, and most men that aren't your husband. i'm not being judgmental at all, i'm just reading your story and identifying with it. i dislike and distrust all men and it permeates how i feel about life. i am going to get therapy for this because i don't feel good about it, but i kept wondering if i was crazy for feeling this way. maybe i am not, or at least, not alone in how i feel.