Just really had a terrible day yesterday, and can't stop thinking how my ex would've made me smile regardless. She would have given me a fresh perspective on the current crap in my life and I would've felt 1000% better. But then I think about her living without our love, her life problem free..and yea..it ****** me. It bothers me to remember how I was ALWAYS there for her in times like this, and now I have nothing but memories and bitterness with NO ONE to share it with. I wish her hell, pardon my crudeness, but I'm just not doing well today, and memories of her aren't helping.
Markjerome Markjerome
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1 Response Aug 23, 2014

It always seems easier to deal with pain by blaming anything but ourselves. So what you had a ****** day, we all do, it's time for you to comfort yourself, to say those things to yourself, and quit feeling sorry for yourself, the pity potty is easily ditched if you become aware of it Think of all you still have to be thankful for, instead of what is behind you.

That's really good advice. I'm not saying I'll be successful at it. But I will TRY it. Cheers!