Coming My Way...

I never thought that I may have been attracted to white men. I think maybe it has always been there. But you are taught early on that it is taboo. You learn from family and society. They have eventive and creative ways of getting their point across. I did not really date until I was well out of high school and even then it was sparingly. I did not know what I wanted then. I hung out with some girls that dated white or other guys. It was all that did. It was a different experience I must tell you.

I recieved your normal comments from other black women, I expected that. But what was eye opening were the comments from white women. These were not women who were making comments about your relationship and with white men. These were women who were known for dating black men or other men. The rudiest comment was in the bathroom of a club and she approached me and asked what was I doing with that white guy? I did not give her a response. So she got a little louder. She asked the question again. I turned to her and asked " what buisness is it of yours"? She stated that I should not be with him and noone wants to date a black women. I laughed and told her she was a hyprocrite. I said she was yelling at me and ready to start a fight when she is happily jumping up and down on the choco stick. She stated that she can have all the men if she wanted hers and ours too. Then she swung at me. Big mistake. I had to have my friend pull me off of her before I really hurt her.

Not one of my most proudest moments, but it settled my aggression a little bit. She was drunk and I knew it. I don't drink when I go to clubs because of that reason. I said all of this to say that she did not change my mind about dating white men. I date who I like, when I like. Noone, absolutely nonone tells me who to date.

To spite her, I left the restroom and flirted with every white guy I could see that would flirt back. LOL! it was hilarious!

I have not dated one in a while, but whoever is willing to come my all means...I am waiting.
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lucky men ....

Yeah, Baby!

you sound like you would be a lot of fun to get to know. your my kind of woman you let people know how you feel. I am single

I love books with different covers...the excitement of finding what is inside that cover is always a good thing...something to remember..;-)

To many people judge a book by its cover.