It Feels Like I'm Afraid Of Everything

As a child i've always been shy, but as I grew older it got worse. I have problems approaching women, because i fear rejection and fear that they'll just get tired of me. I've tried becoming more inviting, but it just isnt who I am. I've also lost friends because of this. They'll want to go out and have fun, while I just say no because i'm just not interested. Sometimes i question my existence because of my personality.
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2 Responses Sep 5, 2012

I totally get this. I am the same way. A part of me feels like there's something wrong with me or I'm missing out but then again I never cared...

It is nothing to fear but fear it self, you sound like a person full of passion that is bursting to come out...just be your self, and try not to concern yourself with how the other person/people feel. You just gotta dig your heels in and do it. The more you do it the more comfortable you will be. You are a special type of person, you are an Introvert, we have to do things in our smooth kind of way....that is comfortable for us to make moves. There is a special person out there waiting just for you.