The Few...the Proud

There arent many of us but I am definately one.  If I applied to HArvard they would have to let me in!  Jk.  I grew up in a small town.  My mom is jewish and my dad is black.  I couldnt have a Bat Mitzva because the Rabbi did not want my sister and I at the synagouge but whatever...I celebrate Christmas and Hanukkah....Passover and Easter...I enjoy knowing both stories and being open to both religions. I dont think I will ever choose between christianity and judiaism.

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Hi! Sorry to intrude in your thread but maybe you can help me? I am so glad to read your story.., My name is Angie. I am starting a relationship with a guy that is Jewish, not the very strict ones though, he loves his culture and their traditions and so do I cause I am very respectful and open minded, I do have though a very strong faith in what I believe. He does not have much for the spiritual side of it. We are discussing family and children and kind of always get stuck on the same problematic. Under which religion to raise them. He is afraid they will lose the feeling of belonging to the Jewish community if we teach a spirituality kinds between both things. Recommendations? Experiences? Hoping to get some help.. Cause I really feel he is the love of my life.

U are totally jewish if your mom is .. Have u ever wondered why your mom intermarried?

hahaha it is pretty fantastic

unfortunately Scranton, PA is not the most open and accepting place in the world. But im over it. Holidays at my house are a hoot. mom's side and dad's side at one table. its a lot of fun :)