I'm Black, But Don't Support Barack

I'm not liking the racial issues associated with this 2008 election. I think that too much has been focused on race and not on the issues. They (the media) has been focused on how many blacks, how many whites and how many hispanics and others are supporting which candidate.

A lot of people assume that just because I'm black, I support Barack Obama...I can see why. The media is pounding it into the heads of Americans that blacks support Obama. Well, not this one. Not all black people are democrats. And it really doesn't have too much to do with which political party I'm associated with. My issues are: the wars, the economy and abortion issues.

I do think that Obama is the first black candidate that has a shot at the white house because he is intelligent, well spoken, and has great ideas for the future of this country. Blacks are proud that for once there is a black candidate that is not making a fool out of the black community. Jesse Jackson...stick to what your good at...civil rights not the presidential bid, same thing goes for Al Sharpton...did these men actually think they could win the vote? Or did they just need their name in the media? I wonder.

Barack, he has a good chance, and he isn't making the black community look bad. However, I'm black and he doesn't have my vote. Some people look at me like I'm a backstabber because I don't support him, oh well. I wish the media would stop focusing so much attention on which race of people are voting for which presidential bidder. Give me issues, not race! And to the people who look at me with that sly eye when I say I support McCain I'd like you to know that just because I'm black and not supporting the black candidate does not mean that I am a traitor to the black community.  I'm for the candidate who I think is going to do the best job, not the color of his skin. So if we have yet another older white man in office, I'm okay with that as long as he leads the country in a better direction.

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I agree that you don't have to vote for the man with your own skin colour, although any human being is classifying each human in groups of people, and judging them. Even you are classifying yourself as a black, instead of a regular human. If you were not determined as a black, by the so-called "white" society, you might just have called yourself your name. But the thing is that one can only stop focusing on which race people are, when all human beings are equal. And this is not just a thing that happens right away! For example it took 20 years to decide that the Berlin Wall should fall, and some still don't like the Germans from the other site! And imagine how long it would take for "blacks and whites" would be equal!
Just a thought...

What a shame...gonna join the KKK next?

Anyway LOL it's now 2013 and he's in his 2nd term.

More and more blacks are beginning to go against Obama, and see him for what we really is...a talker. I think in the beginning a lot of blacks were excited to have a well educated, well spoken black man running to be president. But as the excitement is turning into reality, I think not only blacks but people in general are seeing that a great speech can't run the White House.

hey, whoever is gonna get the job done, right? People wonder why racism is still such a problem...look at the media breaking down how many educated blacks voted for Hil compared to educated whites...not only do they attack race but class too. Wake me up when it's time to vote.

Hear!Hear!...well spoken and itelligent....not caught up in the emotion of the moment...I'm a Repub. but I have watched Hillary(whom I've always disliked)fight to the end and I now admire her...imagine the comments from my family when I bring that up...same as your "backstabber" ones...we are in the same boat and I'm white as you probably guessed by now