I Am Blessed Beyond Measure

Every morning I wake up, I am greeted by royalty . They tell me Good Morning Mommy or that they missed me while we were sleeping. They smile and that's my breakfast. In the afternoon, after a hard days work, pumping neurons and playing catch, they close their little eyes and bow their little heads and they give thanks for the meal in front of them. Lunch is served. After bath time, emerging clean and shiny , happy as always to tuck me in with their bedtime stories, dinner is complete.

I go every day of my life full and content .

I will never know hunger for my soul is always feed.

Because of the Gift of Them,

I am blessed beyond measure.

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2 Responses Oct 26, 2008

Ao nice to know that congratulation:-)

rewarding it is.......they are even more blessed to have you...nice post!