I used to ask God why the jobs I was applying to always rejected and denied me. I know that I am too young and a fresh graduate so I should wait for the perfect time to arrive. I envied some for they had already found their stepping stones, and here I was, blogging and blogging and blogging. I took my board exam, still waiting for the results, and often got depressed for having rejected from some jobs. But now, I got a call from an institution where I was also denied before, asking me to come to their school after lunch. I'm already seeing the small rays of the sun smiling at me. I always complained to God why I am like this. He answered me today, it is not me. It's Him; preparing me for something in His perfect timing. :)

Good morning. :)
alaisiagae alaisiagae
22-25, F
Sep 2, 2014