Once Upone A Time, In An Up Stairs Bedroom...

There lived a girl quite unique in her own way. Her story is not much different then your6752991s or mine though i6752991m sure. When she was young her mind was filled with Princesses and also stuffed animals that came to life and had tea with her. When she was a little bit older then princess dreams with prince charming at her side disapeared and the stuffed animals were put away in a box and shoved uncerimoniously into the attic. She exsperineced her 1st crush, her 1st secret boyfriend, her 1st best friend moving away, her 1st heartbreak, and soon after that it all became routine and she became a little sadder, a little lonely, and a little lost feeling. As she grew older things just seemed to go wrong. Nothing ever happened right and it usually involved a lot of mistakes, hurt, fights, slammed doors, and then lonely tears. SHe grew older. Moved, as much as she could, past that stage, though a few tears still showed up every now and then to be with her in her room up stairs, but she learned that it was part of life. The next step she doesn6752991t know where it leads and so she sets her foot down, testingly, hoping she wont fall, and all she can do is take a deep breath and hope she is ready for it. Her story still continues and will for, hopefully, years to come. The outcome should be interesting, because there really isn6752991t anyone out there like her.
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