25th Day 2nd Month-daily Ritual To A Healthy And Happy Life.

Since a little girl i have always love to extend my help to needy people.I loved to be in their company.I play with them and also assisted some whose poor in their school work.I felt so good that i forgotten how bad my own life was.This continued to adulthood.I have a dream of having a lot of money so that i could finance the poor family,abused children and young women and old folks.I could only help through arranging things gather from others to give them.I spend my time counselling them with my traumatic life experiences and encouraged them that their problems are not so bad.Now that Philip has transferred his small public property to his son,we have some money.We intended to help his Master,a Thai Monk whom he taught him Buddhisium.They are short of funds for their dwelling place and we are making a donation for the first time.No doubt this sum of money is important to us as we are only surviving but we believe we have to help.We believe our business will be good to have enough if not more.It is a start of my dream come true and i hope we could have more to give in the future.
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