"Ansam nou fe premye kominyon, ansam anko'n fe konflimasyon. Jodia, gade nou fini lekol, nan gradyasyon n'ap danse men sou zepol"
This is lyrics to a song that translate to "Together we had our first communion, together again, we had our confirmation. Today, look we finished school, at our graduation we're dancing hands on shoulder" My two older sisters and I had our first communion together, our confirmation together, and this year the three of us graduated. The eldest one graduated from the same school as me with her masters, the second one graduated from Uconn with her masters as well, and I graduated with my bachelors. My family and I are extremely blessed and we could not think or dream of a better year. Our little brother will be graduating high school next month. This is a wonderful year for my family and the only way I can explain it is that we are BLESSED!
Yayan Yayan
May 19, 2012