Everything Became A Haze

I was diagnosed with strabismus when I was about 2 and have been wearing glasses ever since. I was the cute little bug eyed Blonde girl who had to sit in the front row of every class.

When I turned 11 I got contacts and wore them for a couple years but I now have glasses again and have realized how freaking blind I am! My frames are so thick it's crazy!

When I take them off I go cross eyed and my depth perception is out the window! I can hardly find my way to the kitchen let alone read!

But hey it's all good! My glasses have been good to me, even if they do make my eyes giant, they help me to not run into the coffee table!
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1 Response Jan 6, 2013

Hello, I am also in the same situation. When I was a child, I absolutely hated visiting ophtalmologist, despite he was an understanding man but still I had to look at big light inside my eyes and follow the tip of a pencil with crossed eyes. I can barely descend from a ladder without my glasses/contacts because of my lack of depth perception but I felt extremely self-conscious about that at school and I just "adjusted" my muscles by my hands. This helped with the board but I still had double vision when reading so I got contacts when I was 15. Finally I found a pair that flattered my face and I switch them from time to time since then.