Blurry World

I cant see without my glasses. I mean I can see but only if I am an inch away from something or else its a case of seeing blurred images.

I have had glasses since I was 17, should have had them before but didnt get round to it. Had a phase then of just contacts as I didnt want to be seen in glasses but now I am 99% in glasses and just use my contacts for sports.

Having glasses on it is quick to notice how blind I am when I look over them or take them off.

I have approx -6 with -1.25 of Astigmatism - I will have to check exactly what i am nowadays.

I dont mind glasses at all now but wish sometimes I didnt need them. Would never try surgery though, it just freaks me out. Glasses not a problem, just wish they werent as strong or thick.

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2 Responses Mar 9, 2009

How did that term come to be, anyway? Bats are in no way blind. It should be "blind as a mole." Even though they have eyes, they have terrible, terrible eyesight. Or, "blind as a worm" since they don't even have eyes! XD

I can't see a darn thing without mine too.Saturday I get an eye exam..hate that! I can barely see to pick out cute fr<x>ames! Then they want me to walk here and there to browse..but they're holding my glasses..yikes, where is the floor? LOL