Ms. Magoo!

I can't see anything without my glasses. On my bad days, it's even hard to see WITH my glasses, let alone without. I am blind in my left eye, so the glasses are really for my right eye.

Without my glasses.... I see nothing but an endless sea of fog. I can't make out any shapes and I often have to guess where everything is. I've learned my room, by touch, just in case I lose my eyesight... which my doctors have told me that will be possibility in my future. So, everything is placed in a certain spot in my room, so I can wake up and find my glasses.... and not kill myself walking across the room to get them. Due to my weird sleeping habits, I have to keep all items away from the bed, as I grab things in my sleep. So, I don't want to break my glasses, using it as an weapon to some foe in my dreams, so they're kept away too. ;-)

I've mapped out how many steps from my room to the bathroom too. That way, I would know, if I ever lost my eyesight. BUT, the walls! They are dangerous, when I don't have my glasses on! I've ran into walls so many times without them. In fact, it's the reason why it took me to age 22 to get glasses again... I wanted to be cool and not wear them, since age 15. But at age 21, I noticed I was running into things more often! But I was still stubborn, until I smacked into a wall and my lip was bleeding... then it was time to give up on "cool" and get the glasses! =p

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2 Responses Mar 9, 2009

interesting story

alot of cool people wear glasses. its not what you wear that makes you cool. its who you are. and your personality. you sound sweet and that makes you cool in my eyes.