My Evil Eye

I have a dodgy left eye. I can't use it. all I see from it is ghjkgjjhghjfgjhfhgfhff. My right eye sees everything better than 20/20

The thing is

I had a car accident in 2003 and got a broken windscreen in the face. I have scars on my left cheek as well and a big one on my left eyebrow.
I was in denial.


It LOOKS 'normal' that is to say the iris is not discolored, I guess the eyelid droops a bit. You could definately tell if you were asked to guess.

The issues are though that it is not ok.

The fact it has some residual vision in it is the worst thing. This causes interference with my normal vision; I see auras on things and if it tries to focus say if theres something on my left it hurts. It is also photosensitive.

Some days I just want to pull it out myself but frankly that would get me locked up in a mental assylum; particularly as in my past doctors did try to fix it but that didnt make any difference. I do not want intrusive surgery.

At the moment I have to wear an eye patch. I hardly leave my house and if i do go out I wear shades. Im like a recluse.

The good news is i am 70,000 words into writing my first novel and I am an artist. My book is about a man with one eye so it is helping me come to terms with it.

Maybe I will be able to go out in public with my eye patch on sometime. It looks cool at least; it is made from snakeskin.


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2 Responses Aug 11, 2010

Sorry to hear about your accident! I too am blind in one eye due to an accident. Unfortunately my was a motorcycle accident and also suffered more damages but I am okay now. Same scenario with my eye, it looks normal and you would never quess that I cannot see from it but only I know that and the people I tell to.

Sorry about your eye Hugs!