Blind Right Eye - Motorcycle Accident

I recently had a motorcycle accident and was very seriously injured! Unfortunately, I do not remember the accident at all and I actually lost memory of that entire week, if not more. Also, my first memory that I can remember after the accident is waking up in the hospital three or four days later.

I was not wearing a helmet and due to the impact I am now blind in my right eye because the nerve connecting the eye is not responding. At first the doctors thought that my sight might come back once the nerve regerates but it's been more than a month now and the doctors do not expect for my vision in the right eye to come back since they have not seen a change with the nerve since the accident.

Because of the accident, I also suffered a broken shoulder, broken ribs, alot of road rash, and had a titanium plate put inside my head because the skull was slightly damaged. All I know is that I am lucky to be alive.
sexipl69 sexipl69
22-25, M
Jul 3, 2012