Born A Cyclops

Yep, I was born blind in my right eye. No one even noticed until I was 10...I was just thought to be a lil clumsy. I remember when I was 2 or 3 asking dad why I couldn't see out of that eye and he didn't understand the question. He replied that everyone has a master eye that you see better out of thatn the other. In my 3 year old mind that made sense and that was left eye was my master eye :)

Then when I was 10 some friends of my parents became a little concerned with how my clumsiness only ever happened on my right side so they determined to find out just how bad my vision was in the right eye. They first had me cover my right eye and read an eye chart. Better than perfect vision there. Then they had me cover the right eye and asked what I could see. "Nothing" I said. They asked "What do you mean ' Nothing'???". "I mean Nothing. I told you, that's not my master eye...I can't see from it."

Thatswhen I found out the difference between a blind eye and one with limited vision :D

My parents rushed my from specialist to specialist and not one had any idea what they were looking at. Apparently the retina was in 10s of  thousands of micro-fragments.

When I was 12 a massive cataract grew in there and colored the pupil whitish gray, but since it was a useless eye anyway, we just left it.

Everything was fine for many years after and the lack of depth perception didn't ever pose any problems for me....with the exception of being able to catch a baseball. Even so, I could still play well enough to play for the Dodgers :p lol

 Then one bright sunny morning in June of '02 I looked in the mirror and noticed my right pupil was an odd shape. As I studied it the pupil when back to a rounded shape so I decided not to worry about it. The next day It was odd again, and this time it didn't go back quite so easily. A week later it began to hurt a bit so I went to see a doctor about it. The ophthalmologist I saw first took a look…and then another look…and finally asked if I would mind if he got a specialist colleague to take a look as he had no idea what he was looking at. A few minutes later an ophthalmic surgeon came in, take a look and almost immediately knew what it was. For the life of me I can’t remember the diagnosis name, just that it was extremely rare (I’m like #5 or #6 in medical history) and meant that the eye was falling apart for no known reason. The fibers that hold the lens in place were breaking, the inner tissues were dissolving and the eye was no longer producing enough fluid to hold its shape.  

We started with steroid drops and a vicoden prescription. A few weeks later it was apparent that this wasn’t working so we started on a few other treatment eye drops and bumped the pain meds up to norcos. Another few weeks go by and still no progress…in fact it was getting worse. We started with still more drops and a higher level of norco. August rolls around and by now the pain is indescribable…sorta like having a red hot knife stuck in it twisting around all day. The kidney stone I had last year ranks as a distant second in the pain index.  To top it off, my good eye was starting to do sympathy pain in the form of extreme light sensitivity…I had to wear sunglasses that were almost dark enough to weld with in order to watch TV and I couldn’t go outside at all, not even at night due to headlights and streetlights. At this point I was taking 6 to 8 norco per day, washing down the pain pills with liquor, and getting VERY stoned on pot all day just to keep the pain down to a mildly intolerable level.

Finally in September the doctor says there is nothing more that can be done to save the eye. The choices were to live with the pain (yeah right!), remove the eye completely, or perform an evisceration…the latter of which was the recommended course of action. I went with the evisceration.

I hadn’t been working in months, so I was broke and had no insurance. I thank the Gods for my girlfriend at the time…she was very supportive and without her I really don’t know what would have happened. The doctor was amazing as well. He donated his time, rounded up a surgery staff who all donated their time and got a surgery room donated to the cause as well. I’m still in awe of all that being done for me.

One of the great things to come out of this was that during the physical I had to have before the surgery another doctor found a spot on my back that looked menacing. She removed it and had a biopsy done. Turns out that it was a pre-cancerous melanoma growth that was about 2 months from being full blown cancer…they caught it just in time!

So, 8 years later now and all is well. I still haven’t have a glass eye made for it yet, but that is something I have decided to save up and do this year. I’m still researching the doctors that do it, but I just met someone else who went through something similar and was given the name of a doctor in the LA area that does amazing work…I couldn’t even tell it was a glass eye after it was pointed out! It tracks with the other eye and looks identical. I’ll probably go to him in a few months :)

So, that’s my story…a little long, I know. To those of you that read all the way to here, Thank you! :)

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I always thought you were a cool guy here on EP. Let me know if you want to be Facebook friends.

Are you Andre Neuman?

Great story thank you for sharing.

You're very welcome :-)

My ex-boyfriend is completely blind in his right eye as well, he would never say if it was really bothering him or not, just that his sense of hearing was more sensitive.

I wouldn't say it bothers me really...I usually forget about it in fact, especially now that I finally have the prosthectic made for it. Unfortunately, another birth defect I've discovered in recent years in a 50% hearing loss in both ears, so I can't say that's been fine tuned exactly, lol

And yet, you seem like the type of person that continuously looks at the bright side of life. I really admire that.

Thanks! Life's just easier if you look for the good in it :-)

thanks for posting.

Wow! That is quite a story. Thanks for sharing.

Geez that's rough yet you still succeed in life? Great accomplishment ;) Consider Leela (Futurama) your toon-like twin lol.

ROFL! Ya know, I kinda do! Makes me laugh when she makes depth perception comments ;-) lol

One of my fav characters next to Bender the robotic alcoholic smartass ;)

I got glasses in kindergarden and have worn them ever since. The same is true for both of my younger siblings. It is pretty funny that you didn't realize that you couldn't see out of that eye at all, though. I used to always cover one eye and see how well I could see.

Oh, I knew I couldn't see out of just never occured to me that anyone else saw any differently ;-) lol

Hm, well, I don't suppose it would have occured to me. It took me a while to realize that other kids weren't getting unicycles for their birthday...

Unicycles? Me thinks there to be a worthy story in this...? lol

Yeah, I'm in a circus troupe the same way normal people are in dance troupes.

That's kind of awesome! So a fairly unusual childhood then I take it?

If you think books, trees, unicycles, and frequent trips to the store for bandaids are unusual, then yes, I supose it was.

Well, I didn't have a unicycle, but the rest sounds pretty familiar, lol! I was raised on a hippie cummune until 2nd grade when dad took up migrant work planting trees and picking fruit and I got to be home schooled in the back woods of everywhere. I became an explorer pretty quickly, and as often happens when exploring, I have the scars to show for it ;-)

I had a tree, a book, and a unicycle. I grew up in a relatively normal house with cats who would follow me up the tree sometimes.

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Awesome story! But we always say that when it has a happy ending, huh? lol. Still, I chuckled at your childhood experiences with escaping the visual probs. I can identify. I shoulda had glasses very early in life, but had to suffer up to fourth grade with headaches when reading, and car sickness until my LEFT eye blindness was found. Amazing how no one suspected.... ESPECIALLY me! But when you don't know you're different, why would you suspect you need help or a change?? lol

Thank you, Emerald :-) So very true...if we don't know there's something to be fixed, it never even gets a second thought. I hope you have your situation under control now! :-)

LOL! No, I still have full use of my left eye. I finally got my glass right eye made too :-)

Heh, I was wondering...I dunno, you definitely have to wear an eyepatch sometime though, just for the coolness factor.

Huh, never thought about it! I suppose I could...the only problem being that it's difficult to find an eyepatch that can be worn under glasses, and I have yet to figure out how to get a contact into my good eye. LOL

Thanks for your input, how about you check out my Fear's Shadow video which nicely shows the proof of a missing eye. I remember being your age and "knowing everything" too...enjoy it while it lasts. :-)

This story is BS, My name is Ben and I was born BLIND IN MY RIGHT EYE, it's found out when you get your first eye exam, if you did't go til you were 10 thats sad and i do feel bad but please get over yourself, naturally you adapt, I am 15 and am the STARTING GOALIE on the Ice Hockey team. Yes that needs some masive coordination, so, please dont make up stories thanks

I thought about one of those as a temp...unfortunately they pretty much require you have an actual eye to fit it on. The way they did mine left a lot of space for the glass one to be fit into. *Shrug* Was a nice thought though, and I loved having it :-D LOL

I know, right?! I guess that means the chrome one with the red chrome iris is out too ;-) LMAO

Ya know, I asked about having a green one made instead of a matching blue one and the doc said he wouldn't do it :-(<br />
<br />
LOL ;-)

I want to thank your doc! I love blue eyes and would love to see you on a pic with two blue eyes, one fine day. Makes you even more handsome than you already are, I think.

Oh wow! I'm glad to hear she was able to have that done at least!!! It is amazing the things they can do these days, and more so still the things they're researching for future use! :-)<br />
<br />
LOL, Definitely not judging you for that! The few that are brave enough to ask for the story in real life seem to enjoy hearing it as well, and I'm happy to talk openly about it with anyone that wants to hear :-)

Not just thing after another kept coming up, however my dad's girlfriend has offered to pay to have it done for me. I keep forgetting to make the appointment though ;-) LOL

I just read your story, but not all comments. Have you got your glass eye in the meantime?

Awwww, Thank you Nikki!!! :-)<br />
One of my mottos; When life hand you lemons, just change your plans for world domination to include a fresh lemon scent ;-) LOL

As you surmise, Perfect, we really admire your attitude through all this sh#t in life; most of us are lesser mortals and would not cope so well...<br />
An inspiring story :)

LMAO!!! Thank you, Faerie ;-)

Well that's a relief to know... whew! I'll run after it, Ford... if the eye drops and starts rolling away. Pinky promise. ;p

The glass eyes they make today are a lot better than breakage if it's dropped ;-)

Glass shield? You really can't have it fall off you then... it'll break! Not like Ragetti's though... it bounces around on the ship's deck all the time.

LOL...wold prolly still be wearing one except for i wear glasses and can't find a good patch that fits under them. I'm considering contacts, but still can't even keep my good eye open for eye drops so not sure i could get a contact in there :-) LOL

LOL, Sylphy!!! nothing to fall out of mine except the plastic shield...until I get the glass one anyway ;-) lol<br />
<br />
Thanks, LiL :-) Dunno about that with me...but I do like to think i have a talent or two :-)

Lots of great painters were blind in one eye. Beethoven was deaf. I think having one of your senses reduced like that helps you develop it in a really significant way.

So do you wear an eyepatch? So cool...<br />
<br />
I somehow can't get an image of how it is though... I keep thinking of Ragetti... the one whose eye keeps falling off in Pirates of the Caribbean...

I hope there is still chance to fix my half-blinded eye :D, what you think about it? Yesterday i downloaded a game, when i try to play, it was 3D :(, it's killing me<br />
<br />
When i watch 3d movie with my friends, they were screaming when exploding, fire-fight something like that, and i asked why are you guys screaming ? and they said it is awesome? isnt it? they didnt know how i feel, <br />
but now, i found guys like me, :-) im glad you guys knows how i feel :) <br />
<br />
im from mongolia, and eye surgery limited in my country, im already asked them, but they couldnt give answer, because they didnt know what my eye.

I feel ya Stanley!!!! I kinda wish I knew what 3D looks like myself ;-) LOL<br />
I don't know about corecting be honest I've never really looked into anything other than full on eye replacements....a technology they're still trying to prefect. My best suggestion would be to find a specialist and ask them :-)

My left eye is blind, But it's not mean like full dark when i close my right eye, There is some sections looks, and cant recognize what are they,,, i seems my center vision couldnt work, I didnt notice until 19, Now im 22, and i want to fix this eye, I wanted to see 3D technology, Is there any ways to fix my matter? Please help me

LMAO@Whisp!!!!!! You crack my shiznit up, chicky!!!! ;-)<br />
I asked about a red chrome one and a black one with a red crosshair on it and also a smiley face one, but the prostetic docs that are worth going to apparently only only match the existing eye, so it'll be a blue one. ;-)<br />
The last three years running I've sworn that would be the year I get it done...still haven't done it :-D LOL<br />
<br />
OOOO!!!!!! You just gave me an idea for a recording label..."Eye Of The Hawt" LMAO :-D<br />
<br />
Thanks, sweetie...all in a life's work for The Badasstard ;-) lol

Hey.. how have I never seen this story before. So I'm gonna ask the all important question here that I'm surprised no one has yet. What color glass eye u gon get? Can u get like a red one in honor of yer stories or ooh a tyedye one for meeee?! How badass would that be?! Lol<br />
<br />
Nah seriously tho.. what an ordeal.. damn dude! I have mucho respect fer the man behind the pain the the azz eye. And it gives u that super hawt badass look bro

I'm sorry you've had to go through all that!!!! I know what you mean about kids being cruel. The comment one kid made in 7th grade still cracks me up though...that I should wear a patch or the eye will decay and fall out...makes me laugh that he wasn't far off!! lol<br />
The worst part is feeling like you're a lesser person for that your mom drives that point home with you. <br />
<br />
As for the praise...Dunno....reading over the comments again it appears the praise isn't for the eye, but for the possitive attitude through it all. I think we inspire people when people like us go through something so amazingly painful and come out of it with tales of the bright side to it all. *shrug* Just my best guess there :-)

Now why is it you get so much praise? I was born blind out of my left eye and I've had the same amount of complications as you. Trying to find a special doctor every few years because their offices would move so frequently. I even had a glass eye growing up and kids still could tell the difference. Kids are cruel. My mother didn't favour me because I, her only daughter, wasn't built in her image. Course the "perfectionist" wanted a "perfect" daughter.<br />
What seemed to be a normal thing for me. I usually don't even remember that I even am blind in one eye, I put my prostetic in like it's a normal routine. To hear how much praise you get for all that it's worth makes me wish I could've had that same respect, in a way. :/

Than you, pinkypip! Life...roll with it or be miserable in it, and I'm not a fan of misery ;-) hehe<br />
<br />
Awwwww, thank you DT!!!! *blushes* XXX

Thank you for commenting, Tam! I'm truly grateful for all the positive people and supportive words in my life surrounding it all. I think the key is just to look for that silver lining in this case, the fact that I was able to avoid getting skin cancer makes the rest of it well worth it :-)

Wow what a amazing story. I hope your next surgery for your eye goes good.

I was born with my right eye being considered legally blind. Use to have to wear glass contacts. Now I cant afford the disposables without insurance. I tried to get the LAsik eye surgery done, but the doctors wont touch my eye I guess its just suppose to fix nearsightedness or farsightedness. hmmmm any ideas?

LOL!!! Too funny, TC :)

That's quite a story! I have nothing of value to add, but just had to stop and say something like...woah...<br />
<br />
Given your name, I can at least recommend a good pair of peril-sensitive sunglasses. They should help while watching the Dodgers too! XD

mmHmm :)

we all have our issues in life, we just have to adapt to our environment (that's where ever we may be.)

Thanks BadGirlLookin :)<br />
Meh, the way I see it there are worse things to go through....The car accident in '95 could have crippled me, the pre-cancerous growth could have gone cancerous befor they caught it, or worse yet I could still be living in Arkansas :D lol

Thank you! :)<br />
I'm sorry to hear you're going through that! I haven't heard of a blood serum before...what does that do? Is your condition something that can be fix or will go away? That does sound painfull! I don't envy anyone having to go through what I did or what you are. Hugs and bright blessing to you as well :)

You're very welcome! :)