Not Mainstream...blind Since Birth

I have been completely blind since I was two. I am now fourteen. Before I went completely blind as a result of cataracts, I had some sight. I have Aniritia, Microalphthalmia, Oculocutanial Albinism, and a bunch of other minor stuff. I don't go to a regular school. I have gone to a school for blind and visually impaired students since I was three years old. I am a freshman there. Some of us, including myself stay in dorms from Sun. night to Fri. afternoon. We stay there because we either live far from the campus or we stay for sports. We have track, wrestling, cheerleading, swimming, and forensics.
I want to graduate with an honors diploma. Then I want to go to college preferrably John Hopkins. I want to go to get my MD or to be a psychotherapist, or psychiatrist. I will specialize in either Schizophrenia or eating disorders.
I am not like some blind teens. I don't let anything stand in my way. I skate, bike, run, and many other things blind people aren't apparently supposed to do. The public says we shouldn't do these things. They are ignorant about difference, and scared of change. We will be understood. Because of the ignorance I have been stared at because of my white cane and the way I look. What happened to equality.
I am not seeking sympathy. Actually, I hate when blind individuals are pitied. We are just like anyone else. We just run our lives our way. We require things that sighted people do not. I know this story is steriotypical and so clichae. Oh well, I don't care. It's how I and many others feel. Google National Federation of tthe Blind, or American Council for the Blind, or Blind Children's Foundation. If you still want to pity me, donate time, services, or goods to a less fortunate country. Some of them have blind schools. In Africa for instance, they don't have necessary materials. It's not considered pity by me if you help children that truly need it.
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Good for you if you can do all the things you want. Don't ever let anyone else tell you you can't do this or that. I'm into photography, and you can't believe the hostility this causes with some people, as if it's just not allowed. Well, tough! Good luck to you.

I do not think anyone should let sight loss get in their way. Unfortunately when we hit discrimination, there are people absolutely convinced that it and they should get in the way. Remember the problem is never you, its always them.

I agree!!! I'm going blind myself

Sorry A. I can't even imagine how that feeels .