List Of People Who've Blocked Me :p

ok, I am copying koolranch and sharing the list of people who've blocked me with the general public:

  • Coldwarrior [unblock]
  • MaryJaneStoner [unblock]
  • Nimbus123 [unblock]
  • StarWanderer [unblock]
  • Wilbury [unblock]
  • WildSpectrumArts [unblock]
  • benetal [unblock]
  • grayday104 [unblock]
  • donotfollowme [unblock]
  • knightrunner [unblock]
  • RexHymens [unblock]
  • tianajade [unblock]
  • RaulDerst [unblock]
  • pegasuss [unblock]
  • flipper1966 [unblock]
  • lostinchicago [unblock]
  • NiloNightShade [unblock]
  • mononoaware [unblock]
  • tombailey [unblock]
  • carolelevinger3 [unblock]
  • MrNash [unblock]
  • Indrani2011 [unblock]
  • FormerlyTheBlankness [unblock]
  • JohnTomk [unblock]
  • intrepiddreamer [unblock]
  • wolflionheart [unblock]
righteouschica righteouschica 18-21, F 13 Responses Dec 2, 2012

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Lostinchicago just came back to EP. He blocked me on at least 7 off his many accounts.

knightrunner, not surprised to see his name here. he's probably blocked every woman here, us so called feminists lol

lol. Thats quite a list. People don't block me for some reason. They just don't answer if I ask something. Its weird, its like they feel there's something wrong with blocking me and something wrong with answering. Its just silence


Wow Chica you're beating me I think only 7 have blocked me, I had better try and catch up.:P

haha!! hurry :P

I answered a question about Christians, and not even one Christian blocked me:(

what did you write? :P

Something about Christians slaughtering Muslims.

saw it. :D

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Ah so LostInChicago blocked you? interesting...

wrote tl;dr on one of his posts :P

I had no idea how notorious you are. Surprised, actually.

really? :P how so?

We have differences in opinions, you and I, and I have no problem with it. I'm just not seeing how you can be offensive enough to other people that they block you. Idk

ahh I understand what you mean. there are some very sensitive people on here, I guess :D

I suppose. The only people who seem to block me are the ones who don't like their liberal values challenged.

ahh! I got blocked by an "MRA" (men's rights activist) once because I called him out on his BS :P

I don't mind calling people out, but not to p*ss them off. Just want them to really think about what they believe in as 'the gospel truth.'

ahh I know what you mean.

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That is a huge list...I wonder why people use the blocking button so easily, this is a forum, people are supposed to talk and read opinions they will not share, so why do they act in such an intolerant way?

a few of the females who've blocked me have admitted they are jealous of me for reasons beyond me. most of the people on here, however, have never told me why they blocked me.

blocking someone without at least telling the reason is soooo very coward!

yep, unfortunately that's how the people on here act :P

Legarcon. You are so right. Being forum, we need to be able to ride above some comments. We may beg to differ, as we are all not the same and will have differences in our thoughts, opinions and way of life.

Wise words, Yohanx

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How did you know who's blocking you? I wanna check it too . I know some people in there and I think they are part of my circle? What did u do ?:O

I just participate in the Q&A and every time you see someone's comment and you cannot reply or like it, it means they blocked you.

RexHymens is the only one of these I know, and all he does is post stuff about being "racist" or something. It's annoying.

he's a troll who's trying too hard

Yea, I kinda got that impression, lol!

him and PapaJoeCamote are just trying too hard altho papajoe cracks a funny every now and then.

Yea, he at least hits it once in a while, lol!


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just dont mind them! They must be a total darn that they had blocked you!

lol !.......a lot on that list are completely predictable..... :)

I think my list is way longer than that! =P All the time I find my circle answering questions, I click on the question but I get directed to the general questions page which means that the asker has blocked me! So I never get to know who is that bast*** lol!

You haven't been trying hard enough. ;)

well these are just the ones I know :P

True. There's no actual list we can see that I know of, so it's just hit-and-miss who we notice.

i see a list of who has blocked me. on the left hand side of my profile page it says "blocked members" and i click onto that.

I thought those were people YOU had blocked, not who had blocked you?

you're right, chipmunk, my bad. i made that comment because of being up too early and not enough coffee lol. i find out that i've been blocked usually when i try to visit someone's profile and get that standard message "you may not view this members profile".

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