List Of People Who've Blocked Me :p

ok, I am copying koolranch and sharing the list of people who've blocked me with the general public:

  • Coldwarrior [unblock]
  • MaryJaneStoner [unblock]
  • Nimbus123 [unblock]
  • StarWanderer [unblock]
  • Wilbury [unblock]
  • WildSpectrumArts [unblock]
  • benetal [unblock]
  • grayday104 [unblock]
  • donotfollowme [unblock]
  • knightrunner [unblock]
  • RexHymens [unblock]
  • tianajade [unblock]
  • RaulDerst [unblock]
  • pegasuss [unblock]
  • flipper1966 [unblock]
  • lostinchicago [unblock]
  • NiloNightShade [unblock]
  • mononoaware [unblock]
  • tombailey [unblock]
  • carolelevinger3 [unblock]
  • MrNash [unblock]
  • Indrani2011 [unblock]
  • FormerlyTheBlankness [unblock]
  • JohnTomk [unblock]
  • intrepiddreamer [unblock]
  • wolflionheart [unblock]
righteouschica righteouschica
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8 Responses Dec 2, 2012

knightrunner, not surprised to see his name here. he's probably blocked every woman here, us so called feminists lol

lol. Thats quite a list. People don't block me for some reason. They just don't answer if I ask something. Its weird, its like they feel there's something wrong with blocking me and something wrong with answering. Its just silence


Wow Chica you're beating me I think only 7 have blocked me, I had better try and catch up.:P

haha!! hurry :P

I answered a question about Christians, and not even one Christian blocked me:(

what did you write? :P

Something about Christians slaughtering Muslims.

saw it. :D

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I had no idea how notorious you are. Surprised, actually.

really? :P how so?

We have differences in opinions, you and I, and I have no problem with it. I'm just not seeing how you can be offensive enough to other people that they block you. Idk

ahh I understand what you mean. there are some very sensitive people on here, I guess :D

I suppose. The only people who seem to block me are the ones who don't like their liberal values challenged.

ahh! I got blocked by an "MRA" (men's rights activist) once because I called him out on his BS :P

I don't mind calling people out, but not to p*ss them off. Just want them to really think about what they believe in as 'the gospel truth.'

ahh I know what you mean.

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RexHymens is the only one of these I know, and all he does is post stuff about being "racist" or something. It's annoying.

he's a troll who's trying too hard

Yea, I kinda got that impression, lol!

him and PapaJoeCamote are just trying too hard altho papajoe cracks a funny every now and then.

Yea, he at least hits it once in a while, lol!


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just dont mind them! They must be a total darn that they had blocked you!

lol !.......a lot on that list are completely predictable..... :)

I think my list is way longer than that! =P All the time I find my circle answering questions, I click on the question but I get directed to the general questions page which means that the asker has blocked me! So I never get to know who is that bast*** lol!