My Feeling As Blonde

I too have a "thing" for blonde hair. It started fairly early in my life. Almost as far back as I can remember being interested in "blonding". I don't know if someone would call it a fetish, but the whole process of changing my haircolor is definitely a turn-on for me. 
Bleaching one's hair is just a feminine thing but personally the only way for a woman to totally enjoy the experience is to have a well qualified male beautician do the bleaching. As far as products go I've always been Miss Clairol woman. The Ultra Blue formula has always been so much better. I've tried many toners but my personal favorite has always been "Lightest Golden Blonde".
As far as reactions from men .. my boyfriend says the days immediately after a new bleaching are always the best days of the month for him.
I love the whole process myself. Just thinking about being draped with the cape and white towell, thinking about my stylist shaking that wonderful blue thick bleach formula.... then the delightful feminine smell of fresh bleach applied directly from the applicator bottle ..... The smell of the chemicals left in the hair after processing, drives me crazy and very hot.
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2 Responses Jun 2, 2011

Yesss. Growing up with bleach blonde hair definitely made me stand out among my friends. I enjoyed the hair because it made me different from the others and guys seemed to like it. It is more that a haircolor, is "blonde" attitude!

I go to the salon to have my blonde toned down or darkened a bit as I am "too Blonde " according to my stylist. And yes I agree men have a thing for blondes. I think history and genetics play a part in that. I do have have nagging suspicion that they believe blondes are a little "easy " and "dumb". I like to make them work for it > Brains and blonde go a long way!