Lady Gaga - Poker Face

My kid is hooked on this song and I've heard

'I'M BLUFFIN' WITH MY MUFFIN'  more times than I care this day...  

What does this phrase mean exactly?


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I would say she's teasing with her t____. or could be a lesbian reference

In an interview with Rolling Stone magazine, when asked about the meaning of the line "bluffin' with my muffin", Gaga explained that it really was a metaphor for her vulva.<br />
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"Obviously, it's my *****'s poker face! I took that line from another song I wrote but never released, called 'Blueberry Kisses.' It was about a girl singing to her boyfriend about how she wants him to go down on her, and I used the lyric. [Gaga sings] 'Blueberry kisses, the muffin man misses them kisses'."

ha ha - i bet they were pretty funny with all the comments from deleted profiles missing.

ha ha - I know AmericanGuy. I was just being facetious. <br />
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In the video she puts her hand on her crotch when she says the word muffin. I don't think it's too hard to figure out what she is refering to.

My snake is being refurbished and won't respond to much for a while. But It will come back slick and shiney.

LOL Mewold... I see a new reality show in the making<br />
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~ Snakes Gone Wild ~

Well, my muffin, while still not bluffin, is under new management and no longer under my control. Hopefully, this will be only for a very limited time.

Wow SW - you sound like you have insider information into the songwriters mind.... an interesting perspective, but I think it just means she's a C*ck Tease.... for us simpler minds.

That's it.

Myhammie is getting kind of stale, I sorry to say.

"Bluffin with my muffin" is an ex<x>pression she uses that means fantasizing about others while engaging in various sexual acts with the guy she's with. He may believe she's in love with him, while she may be thinking about other guys or even more probably, other women, while making out, while engaged in oral copulation, or while making love.



They call me the muffin man.

Oh how I'd like to See your MyHammy, but This girls is FOLDING!<BR><BR>~ ain't bluffin' with my muffin ~

I'll see your McGriddle and raise you a eggs over myhammy.

LOL SafeContest - VERY RUDE!@!@!@!@!<br />
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~ I see your egg & bacon bun and raise you a McGriddle ~

She is quite the entertainer.. I saw her on American Idol first and then on YouTube... Not exactly the girl next door, but I was entertained..<br />
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Are you not entertainted? --> Thats for you MADMAXIMUS

I would love to try one........

It reminds me of that song when I was a teenager by Elton John - THE ***** IS BACK. I can remember sitting in the back of moms taxi singing that song at the top of my lungs. Mom never said a word - God Bless Her!<br />
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Good one Mewold. Do you like Drewberries too?

I love muffins, both blueberry and the other type. I'n not bluffin.

ha ha Joonie - there's something about that song that is so fun and funky. I was hooked on it long before I listened to the actual lyrics.... and by then it was too late.<BR><BR>tee hee - a guilty pleasure.<br />
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~ can't read my, can't read my, no you can't read by POKER FACE ~

I just listened to this song yesterday, and now I can't get it out my mind. Even on the bus I had to stop myself from humming it.

That is the question of the day mells...

I'm confused and i want a muffin.. truly. <br />
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Hi Max!

Good point Ballz! I'll remember that next time he says it... which will be in about..<br />
<br />
three... two... one... <br />
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~ whoop there it is ~

Um... another good Show Tune Arorin.. thanks for sharing.<br />
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It is kind of catchy isn't it Flours?

i love poker face its cool!

Yeah - Get a room you two!

I have nice muffins and I ain't bluffin'.

Yeah - nice listenings for my 13 YEAR OLD!<br />
<br />
~ kids these days ~