I used to take the time to find a nice way to words things so people would be more receptive to me. I still try to word things more carefully online sometimes because I have the time and my speech doesn't get in the way. As my stuttering has gotten worse over the years I've tried to find ways to say what I mean with the fewest words possible to avoid having to talk too much. Often that means getting to the point of what I want to say immediately. It bothers some people, but others seem to appreciate my directness. At times I like having an excuse to be blunt, but other times I would like to be able to explain myself more clearly because there are some situations where it's simply necessary.
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1 Response Aug 16, 2014

I try to be nice and not really sugar coat it but not be mean about it but them after a certain point if they can't seem to understand, I get very blunt and say what I'm thinking and people don't like that.