What The Hell!?

Why is it that when I tell people that I am Bohemiam the have no clue what is is?
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I am American but I have Bohemian roots. Alot of people ask me what nationality I am. Yesterday at workk, an older black man asked me what nationality I am (i get this alot) , I told him Scottish, Bohemian and Native American....he then smiled at me and said "i knew you wasn't no white girl", I just smiled back at him. People don't know what bohemian is, they just think it's something exotic! lol!!

Good. Keep them guessing.

My grandmother is from Bohemia. I thought it was changed to the Czech Republic. Is there where you live?<br />
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What is that??? <br />
Just kiddin for you people who dont know its someone who is from bohemian.