I Am Bohemian

I am bohemian by blood.  My great grand parents imigrated to the US in the late 1800's.  I am 100% bohemian on my mother's side and about 75% from my father's side.  One of these days I need to trace my family tree back to all of it's origins.

dorado dorado
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hi dorado,<br />
i have a great-grandmother who is from Bohemia but I am not sure what town. i see you posted your story in 2008. did you ever find out about your ancestors? if you did, how did you go about it?<br />
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Hi there<br />
I am as well 100% Bohemian and I think a bit more than you since I was born in Prague and am an artist. But it is great to meet one. Long live Prague, long live wine and woman and life