Do Men Cry Together?

I have no romantic or sexual interest in men, seriously.  But I wouldn't mind crying with some hot, shirtless guys like the ones in that photo.

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4 Responses Feb 23, 2009

I don't know of any guys that get together for a good cry. I personally have a hard time crying in front of others. But IF I was with the guys in the picture there -- shirtless and hot and bonding and whatnot, and they all said, let's all cry for emotional relief, I would laugh a little. But then if they were serious and all started to cry, I would cry too. For the sake of bonding. I was gonna say, "For bondage sake" but that might have been misinterpreted. heh heh.

Thanks, count me in.

this is really cute-thanks henry!

I can't blame you, the logo is the bate. I would love to cry with them!<br />
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Was it a guy group? maybe I shouldn't have joined!