HAD to Do It!

I'm sitting here laughing my @ss off as all the women of EP share their stretch marks, birth marks, boob issues, etc. Saturday morning fun!! All we need now is a night out, dancing on the bar and living it up!! WHOO HOO!! Party @ my house!! 



*We need a larger crowd here... come on ladies!!!

mysplitpersonality mysplitpersonality
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10 Responses Jul 14, 2007

Another Sat morning. I need a good night out too... whare's the party split p???


Hey guys can join in too... the more friends the better

Everyone here kinda looks out for one another... great group of friends!

amazing how you can bond with people you don't even know and probably won't ever see but it's nice to have someone to share stories with and get and give advice to people miles away

EP Women unite!

You're so right. lol

oh & love the pic... thanks to whomever added it


I will be there!! name the time and give me directions :)<br />
I love all you guys too!