I Miss the Female Bonding

There was a time I had 3 really close friends. In the summer we would go to the Colorado river and spend a week sunning, swimming, sharing boyfriend/husband stories, doing tequila shots. I was in my early 30's then, recently divorced and we had a ball.

Talking about bonding, when my last son was born, in 1996, all three of them were in the delivery room, plus my son's dad and his sister, the was barely room for the doctor and nurse. It was a great experience.

I lucked out, no stretch marks!

WittyOne WittyOne
46-50, F
2 Responses Jul 14, 2007

Your story reminded me of how wonderful it is to be surrounded by girl friends. They seem to be there sharing all those most important experiences in life, don't they?

A very good story!