Im Hopless

im 23 no work.. bored as hell and hoplessly romantic hahahah yeah right?

i use to study and work in the phils but i ended up screwing everything up like i always do.. so my parents decided what any normal parents would do when their kids are screwing their life over. send them down under hehe. i have two days classes and the rest of the week i read heaps of books. i keep applying for a part time job but no body would take me.. this is hopeless.. i tried to go back to my country but they wont let me.. talk about deported from you own country. i have learned my lessons and one of my life time goals is to live with principles and become righteous no matter what my circumstances are. im just having a hard time picking my self up from the mess i made. i just want to put this into writing to get it off my chest and maybe within these days my life would start moving again. im 23 and i still havent done anything with my life nor move forward from where i used to be when i was younger.

whatever i need a cigi..
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Dude I'm the same age and have a two year old son. I bogged myself down with insane amounts of debt when I slipped into depression after losing my job as a construction contractor of a small business. I read insane amounts of useless fiction novels they were great books but did not help me become a better individual. I recently ended up having to declare bankruptcy to escape my downward spiral. I don't have much for advice dude only keep trying and strive for self actualization. Read some Richard dawkins as he is a tremendously intellident man. Stop smoking cigarettes marijuana is much better. Yep I'm Canadian. Just don't quit and strive for a job. You will make it have faith in yourself and take pride. Try training your body along with your mind best of luck to you my friend

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