I hang around my house day after day doing absolutely nothing. i convince myself that this is the way i want to live, that i enjoy being alone, but after a couple of hours of being alone i start to feel bored and once im bored i go into this state of 'my life sucks' 'whats the point' 'im better off alone' kind of thing. Because of this i then spend the upcoming days at home alone.

bottom line, i feel like a waste of space. like im wasting my life away and im trapped in this never ending cycle of waking up at midday just so ive got less of the day to think about, walking around the house aimlessly and watching tv or going on the internet.

I desperately want something interesting to happen in my life. Something that makes me feel like having a life is worthwhile. something that makes me feel alive atleast.
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If you want to try to change your habits, please try to do something you don't usually do in your daily routine. Even the smallest thing can help make a difference...one step at a time.

i dont know what i enjoy doing anymore.

Just try different things to do and see how you feel about them.

go outside more