Young And Depressed

Hey there. This site says you all are supposed to be like me? Then...

Perhaps you will understand.

I live a pretty awesome life as a 13 year old boy. Yeah, see there? 13. Not sure if anyone reading this is close to my age, but if you are, then the more you will understand. Or the less.

I have something well known as ADHD. Know it? If you don't, good for you. If you don't have it, terrific. Let's just say that it won't let me stay still.

I love having friends around. It helps me in feeling like I belong in the world. But, when I slip into serious mode, I feel like I don't even want to like our society. Call me what you wish after you read this. Just...hear me out.

Our social lives are based on a social hierarchy that not a lot of people realize, or even care about. I've noticed. I'm around the lowest parts.

You know how there is a stereotypical bully, rich guy or pretty girl in a school? How the rich guys get the girls? How the fat people just sit around and idle away their days doing whatever they want, just hastening their death? Since I'm one of the fatter ones, let me just say.

Better to.

This social hierarchy our social lives are based on is not just stupid. It's by far one of the worst systems known to man. And do you know why? It's just...unfair.

People work hard every day just to get money. You have your stereotypical rich man throwing it around like it's garbage and poor people have to BEG for it. Honestly, if people did not invent money, where do you think we'll end up? Better? Or worse?

Let's get back to topic, shall we? I'm on the lowest rungs of social hierarchy. I spend my free time in school eating and sitting alone. Why? Because people are also very self-centered. Don't get me wrong, it's normal to be focused on yourself, which, if I'm mistaken, is what they are doing. Having a good time. I don't. My new school, I barely have friends and, to make matters worse, I speak only English and learning another language is mandatory. I don't have a lot of patience, mind you.

Also, I'm overweight, and I don't care. That, is because I just do what I want. Eat what I want. And that's a bad lifestyle. But it's mine.

Lemme tell you. Life's beautiful. If reality didn't stomp on you so many times.

As someone I don't know once quoted, "Do whatever makes you happy. Because in the end, who's standing there? You" Honestly, I wholeheartedly support and agree with that quote.

Another reason, I think death is a mere inconvenience. People threaten you with death. Lots are on a daily basis. My advice to anyone who reads this and is threatened to death? Take the death.

Also, our entire system based on material possessions is complemented by a system for money, which is hacked, so that the people who get it, don't help those who need it.

Equality is a virtue not a lot of people share. It's a virtue that must be kept true to it's name. 

So there you have it. My reasons for a young depressed life. There are more. But I don't think you may be interested to hear them.

Thanks for letting me open up to you.

GrayTimaeusStriderBlaze GrayTimaeusStriderBlaze
13-15, M
2 Responses May 17, 2012

You make a lot of sense. You are right ultimately. Its not even so much being fat...its being "normal". Being comfirmative. I had a nice body for once and felt good about my looks but it doesn't matter. I'm weird. I think differently. I observe a lot. I think most "cool" people really aren't. Bc they know how to act like each other. Girl I'm 28 now and still depressed. I have a boyfriend or fiance or whatever but he boring. Yeah eating feels good but there are other things that are way better. Go to a cool college move away. Make a plan. Life goes by too fast. Make sure you get a job that you like. Not when your 16 those jobs all suck unless your incredibly lucky. But a career. Start thinking now. And don't settle for a ****** guy. One day you will be with one. I workout now everyday...which sux I hate it but being fat sucks. It makes everything awkward. CAN'T BUY CLOTHES...can't fit in a life jacket orjust not feeling right in your own skin. Unless you are really confident than go for it. I don't know what I'm trying to say. I understand... I jst don't want you to be me in 15 years. Life CAN get better.

Hmph. Good advice, I guess. Thanks.

I'll be your friend. Your story touched my heart. Keep opening up it will help some. I am here for you.

Thanks. Hard to find those who care. :,)