A Sort Of Complicated Family...

Have parents who had to separate? I do.

When I was 4, I believed my parents were gonna stick around forever. As cliche as that is, it didn't work out.

My dad moved out when I was younger than 8. It saddened me greatly. But I knew he wasn't gonna be gone.

I predicted right. My dad met a woman named Angel. They live together in the same neighborhood that I live in. Within general walking distance. Over the years, I've gotten used to the new setup. But the factor that most people do NOT get...

They aren't married. Or romantically involved. But She had kids form her old husband that are now within my dad's surname.

I guess you could say, I have 2 half-sisters and a half-brother. :)
GrayTimaeusStriderBlaze GrayTimaeusStriderBlaze
13-15, M
May 17, 2012