Never Had A Job

I am 18 right now. I graduated high school last year and I don't go to college. I have never had a job. I can't get any kind of work experience because I don't seem to know how to get hired. I apply at many places, I call and ask the manager if he/she is hiring and they never are. Well, today, I called a place and they said they aren't hiring but is looking for someone with experience in cafe...??? Um... ok.

Well anyways... one person asked me if I had a job, I said no. He then asked me "Is there a reason why you don't have a job?" I didn't know how to answer that. Actually I couldn't answer it because I have no clue why I don't have a job right now. Do I have to go up to a manager and TELL them in their face to hire me? Do I have to do something for them so they can make that decision? Please tell me because I don't know why I don't have a job right now.

I have nothing to do. I am in the house all the ******* time. I have no friends... No one to talk to basically. I have axiety problems. I like being outside, but if there isn't anything interesting out there... I would rather just stay inside... I could just walk places just so the exercise... I have done that... but it's winter right now... very cold and snow is everywhere. So I just stay in. I have no money... no one.

AnomicDeer AnomicDeer
Feb 19, 2010