The Grind

Nine to five.
Monday through Friday.
Boring old desk job.
Repeat every week...

At least I have a computer though!

I know I should be more thankful though, it pays the bills and keeps a roof over my head...
Forzie Forzie
26-30, M
3 Responses Nov 9, 2010

Same here...9-5, boring desk job...Mon-Fri. It pays the bills but this place could soooo let me go and be just fine. Of course that would mean the bosses couldnt take 3 hour lunches though. lol I think i actually work harder trying to look busy so I am left alone. Maybe that is how I can justify my paycheck.<br />
Thankful for sites like this though...something to make the time pass.

I am thankful for my boring job. Being thankful though does not make it less boring.

Haha! I was just about to write you back. Must be a boring one or mustn't be too busy if you're on here too. What kind of job?