Going Crazy

Yeh well I think im going crazzy from bordom at the momnet people pissed off at my job. I work in a cardbordbox factory my job is to sit at the convayer belt and measure the sides of the box to make sure that they meet regulations. IT IS SO ******* BORING IT MAKES MY MIND GO NUMB. I used to take my Ipod with me witch made it a less boring, but we got a new floor superviosor in at the end of last year. He told me that I was no longer alowed to lisen to my Ipod due to the fact that it violeated health and safety bull ****. So for the past 12 months I been sitting thier doing my job the worst thing is that i am not even that close to any one to have a chat so i on my own with a load of boxes for 12 hours. I have started talking to my self in all these werid voices LOL just to pass the time. beacuse it is better than the sound the macines and nothing else to occupy my mind. I could do with some ideas of how too occupy my self. But i think im going to ask once again if i can have a raido have asked 3 times and been told no ****** me off man.
oh well just felt like a bit a rant if anyone else has a job that is more boring i would love to hear about it so i can think of you at work lol
AlexUK23 AlexUK23
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2 Responses Jan 16, 2012

I feel your pain. I sit at a desk all day answering phones and it is so boring it makes me feel like I'm going crazy. And I'm not really close to anyone either, they kind of look down on me because I'm at the bottom of the company in an entry-level position. You are not alone.

Some advise - leave and set yourself up in business if you can.