Staying Awake

Summer time is really slow at my job. I work as a clerk at a bus barn. I really try and amuse myself with the few drivers we have here. Trying to stay awake is a major challenge. I check emails every minute, walk to vending machine atleast 4 times. I have even done a few pranks. But with all that im still sleepy and bored. I am so glad for my phone. I have checked my Facebook, text family and friends even made time to write this story. All in all at the end of the I am thinking about a yummy Margarita. Ummmmmm. Well this is my first story I have posted and I know it could have been better but I am looking at the clock and it is almost time for me to check out. Bye bye
teralovepark teralovepark
41-45, F
Jun 21, 2012