I work at a gym and Its not so bad when people come in and talk to you or sign up...but on rainy days like today I am bored out of my mind...We arent allowed to sit...or be on the computer really...which im doing bc I can... but im all alone and thats so boring... I am usually alone for 4 hours! The other person I work with leaves and I am alone...and when it gets really busy its crazy...but usually its just boring...what should I do about that??

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What do you do at the gym? I work in an office alone too...and believe me even though I've got a PC and TV and I take books to read with me, when I'm not busy, it tends to get really boring...especially in rainy days like today! I guess it's better to be relaxed at work than be super busy or have to handle nasty customers!

You are so lucky.I work at Burger King.The customers are rude,nasty,and alot of other things.One day this man through his change at me to get my attetion.Why didn't just say excuse me sir but can I have a few more ketchup packets.