You Cannot Believe It

I know if I tell people about my job, they will not believe it and even envy me.  And that's the reason I cannot tell my spouse about my job.  I kept pretending to be busy at work and tired every day I got home.  

I am an accounts payable.  We pay once a week.  There is not much work to do and I have done everything I can to pass my time.  I played games online; I do online surveys; I listen to music and I even watched videos.  I have developed dried eyes for watching at the screen for too long and pain with my fingers for clicking the mouse too frequent and too long.  I do not want to keep doing it, and I tried to look for another job, but there is not much out there.  Right now I am trying blogging.  I hope not just to pass my time, but to build something that is useful for myself in the future.

lekmay lekmay
2 Responses Aug 27, 2009

Are you still there? Just want to know if one needs to have some college ed to get this job. I envy this!!!

i don't envy you. i've been there myself. it's awful trying to look busy when you have very little to do.