I'm Hopeless

i dunno what to do, i really need a change, i come in everyday at a flexible time from 7:30 to 9:30 am, sit here all day surfing the net, from time to time do something that due to 10 years of experience is extremely boring and simple to do, then go out at 4:30 to 5m just to do the same the next day... I'm getting very stressed, because i wonder if someone decides that i am useless and cut me off???

angelusDarKnight angelusDarKnight
70+, M
1 Response Sep 2, 2009

I am in EXACTLY the same boat! If my bosses only knew that i finished my daily tasks in about an hour and then (while looking extremely busy so the leave me alone) surf the internet for 7 hours i know they would/could let me go. Honestly when i started this job 2 years ago it did take me all day to complete my tasks...but now they are so routine that i intentially drag things out so as to just look busy. This place dosent need me but I sure do need the paycheck. When i tell close friends what i really do all day at work they are shocked!! Seriously...7 hours a day 5 days a week surfing the net...it used to be fun like "Hey! Look what i can get away with!" Now i am just bored outta my skull while surfing wimp.com or stumble upon all day.

HI Marie7575, I could have written your post, I am in the same position.