I'll Just Make Stuff Up...

are you bald? no but i was a few times.

have you ever been out of the country? yes, twice

do you have any pets? yes. a dog and a cat (who just has 6 kittens)

do you watch tv? yes. a few shows sometimes.

who are you dreaming of? icy

do you have any rings? yes. i'm wearing 4 atm. (three on one finger on my left. one on my other hand)

do you have a clean house? no. it's messy. *sigh*

what phone service do you use? we are currently on straight talk.

how many bathrooms are in your house? just one.

how many rooms are in your house? 7?

do you have a garage? no.

do you have more than one car? we have a car and a van.

do you know how to swim? yes :D

can you surf or ski? no. i wish

who drives you crazy? my mom

is your dad around? yes he lives with my mom 3 miles away.

does your family believe in anything? yes they are religious as of idk how many generations of church goers and are now Messianic.

are you religious? i'm sorta anti religious. however i do believe in G-d and i hold to my family's faith. (as do most people to theirs)

do you follow the crowd? not that i know of.

are you contrary? maybe :D a lot of the time.

do you like to plan your life? yes, as much as i can. long tern anyway. i don't usually bother with short term goals. maybe i should?

do you love anyone you shouldn't? i try not to...

do you love your lover? i didn't always but i am trying *sigh*

have you ever go in a fight? too many to count.

have you been to jail? yes. idk how many times.

why? why what? :D

do you smile a lot? only if i feel like it. i'll laugh too. i love to laugh a Lot. at as many things as possible...

are you insane? it's a matter of opinion. maybe sometimes a bit? :D is that bad?

do you like canadians? who doesn't?

do you like mexicans? they make good food :D

do you like black people? i almost married one.

how do you feel about global warming? i'm waiting for the world to burst into flames. really.

do you think you would make a good parent? i hope so :(

do you think you are a good lover? i do ok... my hub says he's content. :D

do you have a good body? well i think i'm a bit short and i'm not very skinny but i guess i'm ok. :(

if you could change one thing in the world? i would remove plastic from the universe (i hate litter)

how late do you usually stay up? anywhere from 9pm to 3am more or less. give or take 2 or 3 hours.

how do you spend all your time? i spend all my time dreaming of another life... but i stand by my hub irl...

do you look out the window often? not often enough.

have you ever had a tan? i'm not sure. i used to be really dark as a kid. nowadays i stay away from direct sun (unless it's at my back) i cover my face...

do you have a large family? i have 3 brothers and 1 sister. my mom has 3 sisters and 2 brothers. my dad had 3 brothers and 3 sisters. and i have lots of cousins :D

do you ever wish you could change things? i used to... i quit wishing for stuff. i just take life as it is...

this isn't a question. my hub and my bro finally got their iphones working with straight talk now. yay!!!!!!!!!!!!!! we shall save $$$$$$ goodbye at&t you expensive over chargers.... :D we're Free!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! what a headache. and i helped with the change of setting complications... i hate complications... ok enough of that...

how many times have you been married? once. and that's all i want.

do you have any addictions? i used to buy a lot of stuff on ebay. a lot of wedding dresses too :D if you ever need one...

how many kids do you have? none yet (aside from my adopted children who live with their own families).

do you like having kids? i sure hope so? i can still hear my mom complaining to G-d about us when we were kids (we were wild outside)

were you a girly girl? no. never. i was more of a tomboy growing up... though i like nice dresses and things. i'm not a fancy pants lipstick type. is that bad?

do you have short hair? i used to... i haven't cut mine in a few years.

if you weren't online now, what would you be doing? that reminds me. i need to unload the dryer. ttyl -L

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May 15, 2012